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Home Decor Plans for Spring

(Or the before renovation tour)

So it’s January, and my thoughts are turning to plans for the year. Whilst I’m chomping at the bit to get started with loads of things, it’s January, we’ve just finished a major kitchen reno, and money is in short supply!

Picture of boot of car filled with rubbish ready for a trip to the tip.
A New Years trip to the Tip!

Last year, it felt like everything evolved around the kitchen and we were unable to move forward with anything else, until the kitchen plans were resolved. Whilst I’m happy (ecstatic) that the kitchen is done and has turned out so brilliantly, I am now a bit daunted when I look at the rest of the work needed to sort out the downstairs of our house.


Family Room

Now that the dining room has moved into the kitchen area, what was the dining room now needs a new purpose. We have decided to create a family room for the boys in this space. This will give them an area to have their games consoles, have an arts and crafts area and just generally keep their clutter out of the rest of the house! The new family room is one of my favourite rooms in the house – it has a lovely bay window and the light in there is lovely. As well as making it an area for the boys, I want to make it somewhere that I can feel comfortable spending time too. To create the space we need to remove a connecting door between this room and the living room. We’ll also need to get the ceiling plastered. Other than that it’s good old painting and decorating.

Living Room

Once the door has gone, I’d love to give this room a mini-makeover. The former owners painted the walls in a golden yellow colour which I am really starting to hate. It is also really dirty and you can see where they had their pictures etc.! We have long term plans for this room, but in the short term, we’d just to like to make it a bit more comfortable and a bit more ‘us’.

Hall and Stairs

The former owners of our house just loved yellow! The hall and stairs is also a two-tone dirty yellow. We also have beige carpets throughout the downstairs which in the hallway is just a nightmare! New flooring is definitely required.

I think that’s quite a bit to be going on with for now. I’m hoping to do a few more minor things along the way too, so let’s see how we get on…!

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